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Letter from the founder
Our 30th Year Anniversary – From 1977 to 2007
Dear Friends,

The Center began 30 years ago in the Philippines, in a remote village of Resoles, 300 miles from Manila. It was here where my soul was truly seen and here where I was initiated into the sacred ways of the Espiritista psychic surgeons as a trans-medium and spiritual healer.

After many months of intensive training, I was ordained to come home and start an inter-denominational church and educational center with my ex-husband. It was this illuminating and compassionate real-life teaching that ignited our soul’s path and launched the Center for Spiritual Healing into being. 

Upon returning home, we began weekly healing services while establishing a non-profit State-Accredited Center in Marin County, California. We were awarded a one-of-a-kind Article of Incorporation in 1978, honoring all faiths, nationalities and beliefs, with a perpetual 501(c) tax-exempt status mandating that the Center would be dedicated to equality through spiritual and educational development world-wide.

Blending the teachings of ancient indigenous wisdom with modern-day spiritually, our background in psychology, and my Cherokee heritage, along with the support of Paz Navolta, Espiritista healer, Dr. Doris Williams our Alaskan Shaman teacher, and Dr. Stanley Krippner, mentor, the Center for Spiritual Healing of Marin County Inc. was ordained to:
  • Honor our global community while supporting each individual on their unique path to wholeness.
  • Emphasize the importance of maintaining personal values and global health through certified training programs, retreats and individual sessions.

The Center grew into a large and supportive national and international community serving over 15 countries, tens of thousands of clients and students world-wide, offering over 30 scholarships to those in training and ordaining nearly 250 ministers, practitioners and teachers in the healing arts.

Our longevity has proven the test of time and has blessed us to continue our original mission – to support the soul’s path and to provide authentic accreditation services to those who wish to start or build a career in the healing arts.

Please know that 100% of your tax-deductible donation allows the on-going services from The Center for Spiritual Healingto continue.

Your generous donations are deeply appreciated and will support us to continue to research, advertise, promote and serve those in need, as well as those who are destined to develop and to share their healing gifts with the world. 

On behalf of the officers and my self we thank all of you who came to our 30th year anniversary and benefit; it was a joy to celebrate with you. Hope you can join us for our continued services and we thank you for your tax- deductible donations and loving support.

Many Blessings,        
                                                                                                                                                               Reverend Gwenievere Maria, founder and President 
Formerly Genny Davis                                                                                                               
(415) 435-3395
P.O. Box 709, Tiburon, CA 94920

Download Gwenievere's letter and donation form or call the Center at (415) 435-3395 to process by credit card.


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